God must be praise everywhere you go because that has always been the main goal of every assembly in the church of god Jehovah and Jesus Christ world wide… so what can we say to this just like the Mtn tagline “everywhere you go” there is always service and connectivity.

So also the members of JJC ministry has been connecting Jesus Christ all over the world with their General Overseer – Bishop Timothy Abayomi Joshua who has been, a true messenger of God, a father and a husband that has always support his members in spiritual and financial aspect.

God has been performing miracles in the life of people who has experience this connectivity flow, every year of this program people do testify about God wonders in there life and also turn a new leave by accepting Jesus Christ has there personal lord and Savior what a true miraculous experience.

This has shown how great connectivity can be in our various places; at work place, schools, church, etc. let raise up as a strong believer that we are and promote the praises and word of God everywhere we go.

God bless you.

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